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The San Antonio Alamo Area Local (SAAAL) represents more than 1500 current and former Postal Service employees. Local 195 represents USPS employees in the Clerk, Maintenance and Motor Vehicle Service Crafts.


The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) is a democratic organization comprised of dues-paying members. San Antonio Alamo Area Local Officers are directly elected by union members every three (3) years. Local 195 has union meetings every third (3rd) Saturday of the month, except, December and June.


For more than 105 years the San Antonio Alamo Area Local has fought for dignity and respect on the job for the workers we represent, as well as for decent pay and benefits and safe working conditions. We strive to protect worker’s rights by representing them in day-to-day problems.


One of the primary functions of the American Postal Workers Union is to negotiate, interpret, and enforce a National Agreement with the Postal Service. This is a contract that establishes wages, working conditions, and other benefits for all workers under its jurisdiction.


As an AFL-CIO affiliate, the APWU supports the struggle for social and economic justice for all working families. The APWU also has many Retiree and Auxiliary chapters so that former postal workers and postal families can remain active in union affairs.


The APWU is headquartered in Washington, DC.






2024 TPWU Educational Conference

The San Antonio Alamo Area Local is proud to be hosting the 2024 TPWU Educational Conference with Pre-Conference Workshops on Wednesday, June 26 and Conference Workshops on Thursday, June 27 – Saturday, June 29, 2024.


Please see information below and make plans to attend now.