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Retiree Chapter

SAAAL Retiree Chapter Officers

  • Sterling Ricks, SAAAL Retiree Chapter President -

    Sterling Ricks
    SAAAL Retiree Chapter President

    Work:  210-271-0853  |  
    Fax:  210-224-6221
  • David Estrada, Vice President SAAAL Retiree Chapter -

    David Estrada
    Vice President SAAAL Retiree Chapter

    Work:  210-271-0853  |  
    Fax:  210-224-6221
Join the APWU Retirees Department Today

You helped build our union. And now, as a postal retiree, you rely on the retirement benefits and healthcare coverage the union negotiated to enrich the quality of your life. Although you have moved on to a new chapter in your life, we hope you will remain involved with the union as an active member of the APWU San Antonio Alamo Area Retirees Department.

For only $36 per year which can be deducted in $3 increments from your monthly annuity check or billed yearly by mail.

How to Join

Any former member of the American Postal Workers Union is eligible for membership in the APWU Retirees Department.

To join, click here to download a membership form, call, write or visit the San Antonio Alamo Area Local at 13101 Lookout Run, San Antonio Tx

Joining the APWU Retirees Department is also a great way to stay in touch with old friends and make new ones! We meet every other month on the last Wednesday at 11 at the Union Hall. We usually have guest speakers that cover issues for our retires and then we provide a lunch.

Your membership entitles you to a voice in union affairs and to participate in:

You will also receive a certificate for a free $5,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance policy, a continuing subscription to The American Postal Worker magazine, and access to the Members Only pages on the APWU Web site.




Social & Recreation Committee

Social Recreational Program
The employee social and recreational committee represents all employees in the installation. It is responsible for administering social and recreational funds and administering programs for the benefit of all employees in the installation.
Expending employee social and recreational funds for the social and recreational activities of all employees. No monies may accrue to the benefit of a single group, organization, or individual


APWU  Social/Rec Committee Members


Albert “Red” Cardenas (210-416-5746)

Faron Hierholzer (210-368-8528)

Mary Skala (631-666-6431)

Ken Cotton (210-392-1475)

Health Plan Representative

APWU Health Plan Representative

  • David Estrada, APWU Health Plan Rep. -

    David Estrada
    APWU Health Plan Rep.

    Work:  210-271-0853  |  
    Fax:  210-224-6221