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Jeff Greenlee -

Secretary Treasurer

Jeff Greenlee

San Antonio Alamo Area Local Constitution

Duties of Officers
Section 3.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep all Financial Records and accounts of all members of this Local; shall be custodian of all properties and monies of this Local; shall make deposits of monies received and maintain receipts for same; shall keep a complete report of all monies received and disbursed and must submit a financial report at each General Membership meeting with the original report to be given to the President and a duplicate report to each Craft Director and the Chairperson of the Trustees; shall sign all authorized checks for monetary disbursements of this Local; shall keep all time worked by office employees. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be bonded by the national APWU. Upon approval of the membership, he/she shall be reimbursed for LWOP for the purpose of carrying out these duties in the best interest of the Local. Such reimbursement shall be at the prevailing hourly postal rate, at a no gain no loss basis.

Form 1187 Authorization for Deduction of Dues