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Ross Camacho -

Legislative Director

Ross Camacho

San Antonio Alamo Area Local Constitution

Officers and AFL-CIO Delegates

Section 12.

The Legislative Director shall be charged with the responsibility of directing all activities of the Union with regard to legislation of interest to the members and their families.  He/she shall develop publicity programs, news bulletins, and work in cooperation with the AFL-CIO and other National and International Unions in regards to legislation. The Legislative Director upon approval of the membership, he/she shall be reimbursed for LWOP for the purpose of carrying out these duties in the best interest of the Local. Such reimbursement shall be at the prevailing hourly postal rate, at a no gain no loss basis[1]. The Legislative Director shall be reimbursed up to eighty (80) hour’s time per year for leave without pay from the Postal Service for attending convention, seminars, and conferences and for time used in the best interest of the Local. Subject to the approval of the membership. Shall be an automatic delegate to the AFL-CIO Council.[2]